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Good Cat Health Prevents Worms

Good cat health will prevent worms, fleas and disease. There can be no higher ideal. A healthy cat will never have a proliferation of worms or fleas and will always be able to resist any passing health problem.

The confusion arises about peoples different interpretations of what constitutes good cat health. However, I believe it can be easy to cut through the hype and focus on what is really important.

When you consider that man has only been messing about with cats health for less than 100 years, it really isn’t long enough to have discovered much. Compare this with the millions of years that cats have evolved. Nature has had a much longer time period to perfect the diet and health.

Man is ego driven and profit driven. Neither of these aspects spell truth, honesty and integrity. It’s much more likely that someone wants to persuade you to their way of thinking, either because it will profit them financially, or because it will help to bolster up their ego. So you need to ask yourself if the information given is also good for your cat’s health.

If you start to feed your cat according to how she evolved, then her health, her immune system, will improve. Anyone with a healthy immune system is immune to the proliferation of parasites and the onset of disease.

Parasites, in small numbers, are not necessarily a problem. Every body teems with bacteria. You can’t survive without it. Neither can your cat. And some internal parasites are also beneficial. What becomes a problem, is the proliferation, the out-of-control breeding.

When you feed your cat a raw diet, according to her evolution, the meat is digested quickly. This means there is no time for it to hang up in pockets in the intestines, allowing over-breeding to occur.

If you feed your cat the low quality commercial pet food, so typical of today, this is not digested easily. It passes through the digestive tract slowly, allowing over-breeding to occur.

The Truth About Man Boobs

Man boobs can derail a man’s confidence and shatter his self esteem. A little bit of chest fat might be easy to ignore at first, and easily put down to poor diet or a lack of exercise, but concentrated “man boob fat” on your chest, that just won’t go away, is a whole new ball game. I’m sure you realize that this is an important issue. The good news is that it is not a life threatening or even dangerous condition.

Man boobs are just embarrassing, uncomfortable, restrictive, and demoralizing… and what man has time for that sort of nonsense in their life! The medical name for Man boobs is GYNECOMASTIA. Gynecomastia is defined as a condition amongst men which is characterized by an unusual size of a man’s chest. Gynecomastia hits a mans ego,masculinity and confidence. Gynecomastia may appear at an early stage of a man’s life, and can go away on its own. Unfortunately, it is a completely different scenario for full grown men. It takes more effort to cope with the condition and may involve a long wait for the situation to improve. There are three major causes of man Boobs: obesity, prescribed drugs and addiction to unhealthy substances.

What can be done to reduce man boobs?

o Watch your weight gain. It is healthy to be fit. Therefore, keeping a healthy and active lifestyle through a well balanced diet and ample amount of exercise will not only save you from the embarrassment of developing an unmanly chest, but will also save you from developing all other sorts of unfavorable health condition.

o Find the difference between being an occasional drinker and a habitual drinker. It is never healthy to have regular intake of alcohol. Remember, that occasional drinkers have lesser chances of developing man boobs and other health problems as compared to those who drink habitually. This gives the first more time to enjoy their lives sans the risk of getting a bigger breast.

o Up your knowledge on any medications you are taking a notch higher. It always helps to be familiar with what you take in. Most medication will have side effects and it might include the growth of your breasts. Go the extra mile and check your cabinet every now and then, research about the meds you take in regularly and consult a doctor if deemed necessary. Most importantly, keep a positive attitude towards your health. Man boobs should not keep you from staying happy and productive. No matter what happens, make sure to always look at the brighter side of things.

Health – Man’s Limitless Powers to Destroy

Health is to the body as soothing peace is to the mind. So long as you are healthy, your mind is at peace and you can take on newer and newer challenges in life. The moment you let go the control, you are inviting trouble for yourself. No human being has ever succeeded in neglecting the health issue permanently without serious repercussions.

To stay healthy and fit, you need to keep a close vigil on your food intake. A close watch is needed on the food that is eaten every day. Eating lots of natural food like green vegetables and fish, by simply boiling them in clear water is good enough for the body. The much-needed supplements that the body needs from time to time are provided effectively by nature itself. There is no need for falling back on artificial vitamin supplements – popping a pill at will has always been looked down upon.

Not only food, the body also needs a good amount of rest and exercise throughout the day. If either of these two does not come in the correct proportion, the body again triggers off signals that all is not well with it. Immediate corrective steps are vital and if not taken on time, would result in serious repercussions. Tons of money would then need to be spent on bringing the body back on track and there could be some permanent amount of damage as well while doing so.

As it is, the ever-increasing concern for pollution and the degradation of the environment has had a massive toll on the human body. Health has been failing at the smallest of instances and immediate fall back on medicines becomes necessary to cure the ailment that the body suffers from. With smoke and poisonous gases, doing the rounds in all major metros and cities in the world, the life and health of the human population is under threat. That is why regular check up at the doctor and workouts at the gym are absolutely necessary to keep oneself fit and in working condition.

Dossiers of research have been done on this subject and there have been major breakthroughs in locating the ‘why’ behind a disease. However, the most worrying part of it all is the fact that as one disease is taken by the horn and brought under control, there is already another looming over the horizon threatening the human population of dire consequences.

Men’s Health

Plastic surgeons report that the number of male face lift operations has fallen below the number of male breast reduction surgeries on a yearly basis. Man boobs are serious business.

Liposuction to remove fat from the male breast is certainly part of the statistic of ‘male breast reduction surgeries’. However, man boob surgery which involves the mammary glands and the disease Gynecomastia is much more serious. The symptoms of Gynecomastia include not only female-like breasts but also enlarged puffy nipples and developing mammary glands. For this type of man boob, overweight is not a necessary condition. These man boobs exist because the male body has a hormone imbalance. There is too much Estrogen and too little Testosterone.

To get rid of these man boobs you must solve the hormone imbalance. To solve the hormone imbalance you must either decrease the estrogen level or increase the testosterone level. First, let’s review ways to increase your natural testosterone production.


– Focus your workouts on basic exercises during which your muscles will experience the greatest stress and load – lifts like squats, military press, bench press and deadlifts – exercises like chinups and rowing. This load on your muscles will stimulate increased testosterone production.

– Train at 100% effort. Testosterone production varies directly with the level of muscular stress during workouts.

– Work on all your major muscles. Focus on your legs as well as your upper body.


– Be certain to include the essential fatty acids in your diet – fish, avocadoes, peanuts and healthy oils like canola oil.

– Minimize alcohol consumption.


– Minimize pharmaceutical products. Many depress testosterone production.

– Lower stress levels. Increased stress causes the release of ‘cortisol’. This catabolic hormone depresses testosterone production.

– Increase sexual activity. This increases the production of oxytocin which increases the production of endorphin which raises the testosterone level.

– Get adequate sleep. Insufficient sleep results in cortisol production which depresses testosterone levels.

These items affect the estrogen level. Remember lowering estrogen is just as effective as increasing testosterone. It is all about the balance.


– Soy protein raises estrogen production. We want estrogen reduction, so minimize soy consumption.

– Consumption of cruciferous vegetables reduces estrogen production – eat cabbage, brussel sprouts, broccoli and cauliflower.


-Minimize pharmaceutical products. Many stimulate estrogen production.

Man boobs are embarrassing. Hormone imbalance is often experienced by teenage boys and men over 60. Men taking anabolic steroids may also experience low testosterone levels and man boob symptoms. Address all three aspects – exercise, diet and social – to experience the best results. Lose your man boobs now.