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God’s Word Is Health To All Your Flesh

Proverbs 4:20-22 read, my son, give attention to my words; incline your ear to my sayings. Do not let them depart from your eyes; keep them in the midst of your heart for they are life to those who find them and health to all their flesh. David was speaking the inspired word of God to his son; these were not his words because only God’s words can give life so what he is saying is, that the word of God gives health to all your flesh both internal and external.

When we meditate on the word of God and apply it in our life over sickness and diseases we do not have to worry about side effects from it because it is health to all of our flesh. Now I am certainly not against medicine and doctors; I am a retired nurse myself and I know that man made medicine does have side effects. If one does not have enough faith to believe for his healing then take the medicine; it can still cure the problem but be aware that it can also cause other problems as well.

God has given man knowledge of natural herbs for illness and it works but man has taken knowledge a step further and he has created medicine that works in one way but harms in another; that is why you will see the warning label in the package. The best thing to do is to apply the word of God over the illness. The second best thing to do is to take herbs designed to cure that illness.

Not only is the word of God health to us for sickness and diseases it is also life sustaining in every area of our life. There is knowledge without the Spirit of God but it leads to death or destruction for example, someone might know how to commit a crime and if he does it and gets caught then he would have to pay the price for that crime. It could affect his future, his family, his livelihood and it might even cause death to him; all of this is knowledge without the Spirit of God but there is knowledge with the Spirit of God and this knowledge leads to a fruitful life. God said these words to Joshua in Joshua 1:8 this book of the Law shall not depart from your mouth but you shall meditate in it day and night that you may observe to do according to all that is written in it. For then you will make your way prosperous and then you will have good success. It is obvious that when we observe the word of God and obey what He said then our way will be made prosperous because there is life in it.

God’s word makes us whole in every way; it is health to all those who will seek Him because it is His good pleasure to do good things for us. David said in Psalm 23:1 the Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want and Paul said in Philippians 4:19 and my God shall supply all your need according to His riches in Christ Jesus. These two scriptures are taken from the Old and the New Testament and both indicate that God will supply all of our needs but He will also give us the desires of our heart according to Psalm 34:7 which read delight yourself also in the Lord and He shall give you the desires of your heart. Therefore, we can apply the word of God over ourselves like a medicine for healing and we can apply it in our life for everything else that we need or want because it is health to all our flesh.

Why a Penis Health Creme Is Truly Man’s Best Friend

For most men, penis care is fairly limited, consisting of regular showers, protection during intimate encounters, and the occasional dollop of lube or lotion during solo sessions. But men who do more for their penis can experience all sorts of benefits, ranging from better disease fighting ability to better sensation to better performance. In fact, the right penis health crème may be so helpful and so vital in terms of a man’s penis care regimen that they can truly turn out to be a man’s best friend. Here are just some of the things that a specially formulated penile cream has to offer.

1. Targeted penis nutrition. Like the rest of the body, the penis requires the right nutrients to stay healthy and function at its best. However, eating for the penis is difficult, as there’s a long road between a man’s mouth and his junk. All of the nutrients a guy crushes between his teeth need to make the circuit through the body, and the conscious brain has no control over where the nutrients might land. If those nutrients get earmarked by the digestive system for other parts of the body, the jewels might get short shrift in the nutrition department.

Applying a nutrient rich lotion is another story, as it is applied directly to the targeted area. Once it is massaged into the skin, it takes only moments for them to begin penetrating the outer dermal layers and delivering vitamins and minerals where they are needed. Unlike nutrients that are delivered orally, none of these are eliminated through the digestive tract, either, so a man won’t flush away his progress. Instead, he’ll get the help he needs where he needs it.

2. Improved Sensitivity

The ability to enjoy sex is deeply dependent on a man’s ability to feel every sensation, no matter how subtle. The more he can feel, the more he can respond, and the more pleasurable the whole event is for everyone involved. A product made just for the intimate skin that covers a man’s precious inches can make this sensation easier to feel.

Products like this can:

  • Soften skin
  • Nourish the penile nerve cells
  • Support adequate blood flow
  • Minimize keratinization of the outer dermal layer

All of these factors could be vital in the development of a patch of skin that’s just humming with life, waiting to respond.

3. Better Performance

Sex is a head game, and feeling confident and attractive is half the battle. Men who have a Johnson that’s supple, strong and healthy just know that they’ll be able to bring about some happy screaming in their partners, and they just can’t wait to show off what they have to offer. On the other hand, blotchy skin, fishy smells and a rough, dry appearance can all conspire to make a man feel inferior, and if he feels as though he’ll disappoint, he’s more than likely to do so.

Boosting performance is tricky, but sometimes, just changing the way a man thinks about his penis can do wonders. Setting aside a little time each day to clean and nourish the area can also provide a man with the opportunity to track his healing, and as he gets better, his confidence might grow. When he hops into the sack after treating his manhood with a penis crème, he might be able to deliver a performance of a lifetime, and he might be ready to repeat that performance in all the days that follow.

Key to a Man’s Health

Many guys wonder if masturbation is healthy. Most have heard mixed reviews given the plethora of cultural and religious orientations toward the practice. As with most things, there’s a right way and a wrong way to go about masturbation; it can be a perfectly healthy habit or a problem depending on how one does it. But there is plenty of reason to believe that it is not only safe, but actually beneficial to a man’s health – both in terms of penis care and overall wellbeing. After learning about some valid concerns around the practice, men should take note of the health benefits masturbation can reap.

The Wrong Way

There is such a thing as too much masturbation – but how much is too much has less to do with a number than with how it affects a man’s social and sex life. If it’s getting in the way of either of these, then it’s too much.

Another problem some men have is reliance on very extreme pornography; this can interfere with their ability to achieve sexual satisfaction – and possibly even erections – with an actual partner.

Finally, there’s the issue of overaggressive handling. If a man has chafed and sore skin on the regular, he may be implementing the dreaded “death grip” during his solo activity, and should develop gentler methods along with using lubricant.

Health Benefits

For most men, masturbation is a healthy practice. Along with flat-out feeling good, self-pleasuring can deliver the following benefits for physical, mental and sexual health:

– It puts a guy in touch with what he likes: By experimenting with different rhythms, grips and areas of stimulation, men can learn a lot about their bodies. This knowledge can come into play while having sex, improving a couple’s sex life.

– It boosts the immune system. After a man ejaculates, the hormone cortisol is released in his body. While high levels of cortisol negatively impact health, a spurt of it here and there helps to bolster the immune system.

– It improves mood. Masturbation not only makes the penis happy, but improves a man’s emotional state as well. That’s because it causes the release of oxytocin and dopamine, two neurochemicals responsible for good feelings.

– It lengthens bedroom performance time. If a man masturbates shortly before a date, he’s more likely to last longer in bed, something many partners desire.

– It may protect the prostate. Research isn’t 100% conclusive, but some researchers think that ejaculation rids carcinogenic substances from the urogenital tract. One study found that men who climaxed more than five times a week were one-third less likely to develop prostate cancer.

– It helps maintain erectile function as a man ages. The pelvic floor muscles play a role in erectile health. As men age, they lose muscle tone, and this may be responsible for erectile dysfunction (as well as incontinence). Frequent ejaculation exercises these muscles, helping to ensure strong erections into old age.

Most men are thrilled to learn that one of the most enjoyable activities out there is also good for their health. As they should be! But men should be mindful of steps to keep the practice safe and healthy.

First, avoid the super hardcore visuals. Keep things a bit more realistic.

Second, use lubricant. A man’s delicate penile skin needs to be protected from the intense friction unleashed upon it by the hand.

Third, consider applying a penis health creme (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) every day. A cream with Shea butter and vitamin E provides dual protection against dry skin and soreness, and the inclusion of acetyl L-carnitine helps prevent the type of peripheral nerve damage that can occur from rough, frequent handling of the manhood. Man1 Man Oil also contains vitamin C, which can keep the skin youthful and radiant thanks to its ability to boost collagen production. Such a crème is an important part of keeping the penis in optimal health, not to mention looking its best.

Natural Cures For Erectile Dysfunction

Many men who have impotence, use man made drugs but not only can they be dangerous, they do nothing to increase libido and most men who take them, need manual stimulation to get hard; this means these men do not get a complete sexual experience. The good news is there are herbs which can give you a hard erection and can increase libido which gives the complete sexual experience.

Let’s take a look at our natural cures for erectile dysfunction and how they work to help you enjoy better sexual health. Another point we need to make is – because the herbs are natural there are no dangerous side effects when taking them and they actually increase overall wellness as well as benefiting sexual health.

Man made drugs get more blood into the penis and make it hard and they do this by, increasing nitric oxide secretion which allows the blood vessels that lead into the penis, to take more blood in and harden it. At the same time, drugs such as Viagra, prevent PDE5 which is seen as a major reason for impotence and erectile dysfunction. Two herbs which will do the same as these synthetic drugs are, Cnidium and Horny Goat Weed, these herbs will get the blood into the penis for a thick and hard erection and do it naturally.

We have just seen that herbs can get more blood into the penis but they can also increase libido as well; to have a high sex drive, you need lots of the male sex hormone testosterone and you can get more, from the herbs Tribulus and Tongkat Ali. Both these herbs will increase testosterone and also contain nutrients, to increase energy which leads to an increase in libido.

Stress and anxiety are known passion killers, as they leave you unable to think about sex and at the same time, this depletes body energy and when body energy is low, so to is libido. To fight stress and anxiety, you can take Ginseng and Schizandra Berries, both of which are great herbs, to increase energy levels and libido.

Get them ALL in the Best Men’s Sex Pills

There are other herbs you can take but the above, are a combination of natural cures for erectile dysfunction which you will find in all the best herbal sex pills, to give you better health, harder erections and more libido, safely and naturally.

The Herbal Nutrition Supplement

Whether you are a world class athlete, exercise nut, or a regular couch potato, one fact applies to everyone – nutrition is fundamental to good health. It is necessary because it keeps your body functioning normally, helps to maintain a healthy weight, and it prevents disease. The problem? What is the best way to supplement your body’s health… man-made supplements or the natural herbal nutrition supplement.

Most people believe a balanced diet, the “food pyramid” of old, is sufficient to keep them healthy. These individuals also often supplement their nutrition by grabbing the cheapest “vitamins in a bottle” off the grocery shelf. They bring these products home with the mistaken belief that they are covering their bases with “good nutrition.” The problem lies in the fact that most on-the-shelf vitamins and minerals are synthesized products – man-made. Without proper nutritional education, they also do not realize the imbalance of nutrients in these products. Maintaining the proper nutrition supplement balance is critical to its overall impact on your body. Too much or too little and your body reaps no noticeable benefits. Without an appreciable increase in health, those same products go into hiding in the back of kitchen cupboards, long forgotten.

Obviously, this is not the way nature intended you to stay healthy!

But, there is hope, and it comes from nature itself. More and more individuals and families are turning to the herbal nutrition supplement. They are focusing their health needs on a natural approach to nutrition. With fast foods, growing environmental problems, and stress, people turn to the herbal nutrition supplement because it is derived from natural sources. The herbal supplement is nature’s way of providing you with a safe and natural way to increase your health. Results are noticeable!

Today’s lifestyle is a stressful lifestyle for many. A herbal nutrition supplement is the best natural way to strengthen your body as it assists your body, provides healthy, natural energy, and has the added bonus of increased health protection.

Unfortunately, a lot of confusing information exists about herbal nutrition and herbal nutrition supplements. Almost daily you can read or hear conflicting information on what’s good for your body and what’s not. It is advisable to use caution when buying any nutrition product, herbal supplements included. They, too, are not all created equal.