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A Man Is Not A Financial Plan Nor An Emotional

A Man is not a Financial plan! Learn to develop, build, create your own wealth. Growing up as a child I saw my father being a coward, drunk and squandering the family money. Causing my mother to “run away to foreign” to find work that paid American dollars so she could take care of her girls and that “worthless” piece of trash called a husband. Yes, for knowledge sake he is my biological father, but I have no respect for a man who leaves his financial responsibilities on a woman. My mother struggled for years providing for her girls and that man. Then one day he upped and divorced her and left her with nothing. We had two family houses, she lost both of them all because she was not able to fend on her own and she depended on a man for her financial plan.

As a child I made a promise to myself to not be like my mother. I grew up tough and I’ve been making my own money since I was 8yrs old. Yes, 8yrs old. I ran a business at 15yrs old with employees and everything, I put myself through University working 3-jobs, then I got my own apartment paying my own Rent. Sent myself to various countries around the World all on my dime. The ONLY thing a man has ever paid for me was dinner when we go on a date. NOTHING in my house, closet or overall life is or was paid for by a man. There have been men who couldn’t stand my financial independence. They were shown the door. (Don’t let the door hit you where the Good Lord split ya.)

On top of Financial Independence, women you need to be Emotionally Independent. Because if you are emotionally dependent, a man can spin you everyway till Sunday and then walk away leaving you an emotional mess and then you end up messing up your own Financial Independence. Now you find yourself drowning in debt because you had depended on a man emotionally. It will be hell digging yourself out of that black hole. My Grandaunt always told me never let a man drive you crazy because he can than manipulate you emotionally and then leave you and your life in ruins. Now that I’m an Adult I fully understand what she meant. I wish she had explained it more, but I guess there are some things that you need to experience for yourself in order to get and learn the lessons. There are some men that are so cruel. They cannot stand to see your independence, whether financially or emotionally, so they need to break you down. They bide their time waiting for the Grand moment.

They will wait until you are vulnerable, you are in deep emotional pain and then they swoop in for the kill. They use your situation to pretend that they are interested in you for a relationship, they want something deeper with you. They know that because of what you are going through you want the comfort and support and you won’t have the strength to push them away or to walk away from them. They are sick and twisted! All because you refused to depend on them and chase them when you were stronger.

There are a lot of men who can’t believe there are women who are not desperate for a man and a relationship. They grew up with faulty programming just like some women. And they also know that if you were not in a vulnerable position you would have had no need for them in your life and they would not have gotten the time of day from you. Good lord, they can’t stand the rejection. Their poor ego’s. And if they are seeing that they can’t get to you, then they manipulate women to come after you because he knows that “those” women will be ready for a fight if they were to believe that a woman is trying to steal him. Then when he sees that he has broken you down and have left you an emotional mess, he then walks away. His Job is done!! Yes, there are men that evil!!

That is just one example of why it is important to have Emotional Independence. Now of course if you have suffered a painful loss of a loved you won’t have the strength to do anything and you wouldn’t be expecting someone, especially a man to take advantage of the situation. The pain can be excruciating and it may take awhile, but you will heal and there will come a time when there is no more pain. You can kick that person to the ends of the earth and don’t look back. Now you are going to be amazed at how your life will open up and you begin to soar. You are now FREE!!

Women, you can create your own Financial Plan, but it is nothing if you are not emotionally independent. Because all your financial plan will be for nought if a man twists you up emotionally.

Bike Riding Can Damage Penis Health

You may have heard rumors about the potentially damaging effects bike riding can have on the penis and penis health. Well, it’s more than just rumors. According to recent research conducted by the Center for Disease Control the shape of most bicycle seats can put additional pressure on the male perineum and this can restrict penis blood flow which ultimately results in numbness and Erectile Dysfunction. The perineum, in men, is a diamond shaped region between the anus and the base of the penis. The perineum is an erogenous zone in both men and women, but for men, it serves as the hub for penis blood flow and penis nerve endings.

Bike Riders Complain of Erectile Dysfunction

According to recent studies by Richard Weil, MEd, CDE for”a study of perineal compression and blood flow to the penis in male cyclists showed that penile blood supply decreased significantly in 70% of the 40 cyclists who participated in the study. Numbness in the genital area was reported by 61% of the cyclists, and 19% of the cyclists who rode their bikes more than 250 miles per week complained of erectile dysfunction.”

Is a Recumbent Bicycle the Way to Go?

In a similar article, published at, writers noted that “This pressure can harm nerves and temporarily impede blood flow, causing tingling or numbness in the penis and, eventually, erectile dysfunction. However, one study showed that while a conventional bicycle caused a dramatic (though temporary) drop in oxygen supply to the penis, a recumbent bicycle did not.” This reinforces the necessity of caring for the blood flow and health of your penis by increasing your awareness of the potential sexual health hazards of riding a bicycle.

Steps to Prevent Penis Injury

There are potential solutions and preventative measures that can be taken. Adjusting the handlebars and seat height can help improve posture, which will reduce the amount of pressure put on the perineum. Padded seats, alternative seat shapes can also help prevent loss of penile sensation and damage to the perineum. You may also want to consider wearing padded shorts and limiting the overall amount of time that you spend riding. Taking frequent breaks is one way to ensure that blood is flowing easily through the veins in and around the penis.

Penis Specific Vitamins and Minerals to Protect Penis Health

Penis health can also be promoted by using penis specific health cremes which are essential vitamins and minerals to specifically help increase blood flow to the penis and provide overall penis health. One example is L-Arginine, an enzyme that increases blood flow to the perineum and penis and also benefits blood vessels and capillaries. Vitamins A and B are known to help increase blood flow, and, in some cases vitamin E can be used to help treat penis skin issues. Use a penis specific creme (Man1 Man Oil is often recommended) so penis specific vitamins and minerals are applied directly to penis and perineum to achieve maximum benefit.

Good Reasons to Give Your Man More Space With an Emotional

This might seem contradictory to what many women think is a good idea, but the fact of the matter is that “familiarity breeds contempt”. In short, too much of you, can mean too little of him permanently. So the key is to be there, without being the only thing there.

An emotional man cave, can be a few hours, a few days or even weeks. It’s time that you let, and even encourage your man to spend by himself. Enjoying the things he enjoys, be it reading, surfing, Baseball or video games, without criticism. This last part is key. In this hectic world, not only do we sometimes need physical space, but we need mental space as well. Time that we can spend in solitude with our thoughts and enjoying life’s little pleasures, without constant interruption.

5. Men can be solitary creatures. While not true of all women, we can often be more gregarious and social than men. Trying to force your significant other to hang out with people as much as you do, will only put them on the defensive, once someone is on the defensive they don’t want to be around you.

4. Having a mental break from people is good for both men and women. By allowing your boyfriend or husband to have an emotional man cave, you also helping yourself. Just remember not to fill it up with other outside “chatter”. Quiet and solitude can be key to emotional growth and mental health.

3. As the saying goes, “Absence makes the heart grow fonder”. This is very true, especially within interpersonal relationships. Don’t think of his need to get away from you as him saying that he doesn’t want to be around you. Think of it as him saying that, he wants to yearn for you.

2. You can help him become less needy. Some men are the types that can do just about anything in the world but don’t let him face choosing which shirt he should wear on his own. By giving him some mental space you encourage him to make basic decisions without you.

1. He’ll simply adore the fact that you encourage him to take some time to himself. Which will only help his love and appreciation for you to grow. After all, if the shoe we’re on the other foot, wouldn’t you feel the same?