Author: Kevin Bruise

Golden Keys to Unlock a Man’s Heart!

Here are 2 GOLDEN KEYS as how to unlock a man’s heart

[1] feed your man well at the dining table

[2] satisfy your man’s sexual needs at bed

Feeding your man well at the dining table means…..

Feed your man with ‘good and proper’ food to attain 4 levels of health. To get a man to be at home to eat is not a difficult task. If we woman have something that our husbands admire and desire, there is no difficulty in unlocking his heart. Once you have entered and have a steadfast place in his heart, you will be the happiest woman in the world. Not the outer beauty that attracts a man, it is the inner beauty that matters more, a personality that your man cannot resist.

A hungry man is an angry man. We should take great care as to how to get our men well fed. As wives we should make sure that we know those appropriate and healthy foods to feed him. We need to be wise in the choice of foods. It is of great importance that we should not let him be overweight or obese. Healthy, nutritious foods will be good enough with occasionally tonics to boost his overall health. It is not about feeding him blindly.

A healthy husband will be strong and not sickly. He trusts the wife to know all those nutritious foods. Be aware of rubbish foods, preserved foods, processed foods and cancer-causing foods too. If you want your husband to live a healthier life to accompany you to a ripe age, it is vital that we spare time to learn about healthy cooking. His health is our concern too. And at the same time, our whole family will be well taken for.

Our food shouldn’t be too oily, too sweet, too sour nor with too much artificial flavors. Learn the basics of good nutrition. Cut down on read meats, less frying and barbecuing and more on steaming and light stir-fry. Learn to master cooking nutritious, delicious and good food. Your man will be just thrilled and proud of you at home or just anywhere. Your name will always be at his lips. You have done something that he as a husband will be proud of. Master the art of purposeful persuasion too.

Knowing the needs of her man, women must live up to her man’s trust and confidence in her. Whatsoever fortune he makes outside, he will be sharing to his wife and family at home at the first place. He strives hard for the family too. He fights for his family too. So, as a wife in the family, she should know how to make him a real man too.

Satisfying his sexual needs in bed

Sexuality is rarely discussed among women as a therapy for mental and emotional health though IT IS one of the most beneficial requisite to having a healthy and happy marriage. The physical part of sexuality can be extremely therapeutic especially towards a person’s confidence as to being feeling good and healthy. A vibrant sex life is a must to cement a good marriage. It is also a sure great exercise for our body, emotion, mind and heart. The details of physical love can be left to the sex experts, but I guess most people have researched and known the wonders of a good exercise in bed.

It goes back to our sense of touch. When we were young, we cry to be held close to our parents. We feel comforted and loved and well cared for when held close. The primal desire to be held and cared for becomes a vital force in our development as healthy adults. Touch is vital to our existence. Our muscles relax when we are touched appropriately. Our skin itself is a super conductor of nerve endings all over our body that detects warmth, pressure, vibration and tingling of our skin when fondled. It does have a vibrant positive effect, a stimulating and relaxing great treat before the actual thing.

By proper caressing and fondling, a person’s anxiety and stress will be soothed as well as our body and mind at ease. Most emotional problems arise due to neglect and most partners are love-starved. What will be more important than to learn how to touch and caress each other relevantly? I am not a sex specialist, but I know that a healthy sex life goes a long way in maintaining a good marriage. But perhaps all of us should and know that sex should be confined at our love nest at home, not to be shared to the public.

The game of ‘paying and rewarding’ plays a great deal in our sex life too. Some flirting, some enchanting or exotic promises can enhance and attract the men to be loyal and loving you even till the age of 60. Make your man feel attracted to you even when you are at the age of 60. He won’t feel left out. Be the desirable, lovable, creative, sensible, attractive and sexy wife that you man cannot resist, even until 60 years old or more. Go the extra mile to achieve it, it really pays to boost our sexual health..

When one is at one’s best sexuality and sensuality, it will create not destroy. It assures one’s relationship and provides a sense of security and belonging. Master the skill of giving and receiving in the art of physical love, it matters more than it seems to be. It is a sure magnet towards a healthier and happier marriage. Perhaps it is more advisible that such good things should be strictly within the marriage itself.

Both spouses will be robust, vibrant and healthy and thus it pays to be a good wife who knows how to feed him at the dining table and an expert in bed too. Not to be shy since no one will know except you and your hubby. These are the 2 valuable, precious golden keys towards achieving a healthier and happier marriage.

The Biggest Myths About Penis Health

Maintaining the best penis health is very important for any man. But sometimes he can fall victim to a variety of penis health myths that could mean he is actually doing more harm than good for his favorite equipment. When it comes to good penis care, it is vitally important to separate fact from fiction and go only with those things that are certainly true.

To help a man do that, we’ve compiled a short list of penis health myths that could eventually lead to less-than-stellar penis health. Here’s the truth about a man’s penis.

1. Myth: Soap is a must for cleanliness. In most cases, this would be absolutely true. But when it comes to delicate penis skin, soap can do more harm than good. Soap can often dry out the skin – even those moisturizing bars that claim to have added lotion can lead to peeling, dry penis skin. So what’s a man to do? Very mild cleansers designed only for the penis are a good bet. Yes, it’s pricier than an average bar of soap, but the benefits are well worth it.

2. Myth: Too much masturbation is bad. Though many men have heard that paying too much attention to things ‘down there’ could lead to serious problems, science has proven those things are not true. A man will not grow hair on his hands, he will not go blind, and he will not go crazy if he pays a lot of attention to self-pleasuring. In fact, a man’s health can actually improve as he reaps the benefits of stress release from masturbation.

3. Myth: A foreskin is unhealthy. Nothing could be further from the truth. Though there has long been concern that a man might be prone to more infections and penis problems if he has an intact foreskin, science and anecdotal evidence has shown that a man who cleans under the foreskin with every shower won’t have any more issues than a man who is circumcised.

4. Myth: Talking about penis health is wrong. Many men know very little about penis health, or they believe a variety of myths that are tossed about concerning their member. That’s because they were taught not to talk about their penis. In some cases, that lesson was learned so well that a man might hesitate to talk about penis health with his physician! It’s important to know that talking about penis health is vitally important.

5. Myth: Some penis potions work. Far too many men fall victim to supplements and other enhancers that say they will make the penis bigger, longer, help a man last longer in bed, and many other false promises. The truth is that none of those things actually work. Men are constantly disappointed by these products, but they keep purchasing them. Rather than focus on changing his penis, a man should focus on keeping his manhood healthy.

So what about penis health crème?

When men are taught not to pay attention to their penis or told that they are somehow unhealthy or unclean, it sends a very depressing message. Men should be empowered to embrace their penis health, and that includes using the right products to help them maintain it. They can begin with a top-notch penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin). A guy should look for a crème that contains vitamin A for fighting odor, alpha lipoic acid to fight aging and of course, a great Shea butter base for smooth, supple skin. Applying vitamins and nutrients directly to the penis can be the first great step in long-term penis health care.

What Every Man Needs to Know About Sexual Health

Here’s one fact no one can really disagree on: sex is an important part of life. Thanks to external genitalia, men may start thinking about sex before puberty ever hits, and it’s a primal thought until their dying breath. Sexual health (SH), then, is an important part of living a healthy life. But is SH just the hormone-driven function humans optimize to continue the species, or it is something more? Is penis health the only real necessity there? What else does it give to men, and how does SH impact them? Are libido and erectile function the only ingredients needed to be sexually healthy, or is there more to it? Is SH defined by the absence of erectile dysfunction (ED)? Let’s examine what SH is and just how complex it really is.

What Is Sexual Health(SH)?

SH is a state of well-being, or general health, that empowers a man to fully enjoy and participate in sexual activity. This includes several factors such as physical, psychological, interpersonal, and social factors. SH does not exclusively mean penis health, which is an important part of SH, but definitely not the only part of it.

How Physical Health Influences Sexual Health(SH)

Let’s begin with inarguably the biggest influencer on SH, physical health. There are limitless factors physically that can inhibit a man’s sexual function; however, there are also limitless strategies to enhance it.

Here are just a few of the disease states that can negatively impact a man’s SH:

1) Heart Disease – Since erections are fueled by blood flow, those diseases that impede it, such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, stroke, and heart disease in general, can put an end to frisky Friday nights.

2) Obesity – Obesity usually runs hand-in-hand with heart disease and diabetes, the boner killers of the current age. Obesity can also affect stamina and ability as well as have psychological impacts that’ll be discussed in the next section. It can also decrease a man’s fertility.

3) Diabetes – Men who have type 2 diabetes have a higher risk of ED due to the nerve and blood vessel damage the disease causes. As a result, erections are more difficult to get and maintain.

4) Cancer – Prostate and testicular cancers can cause swelling that makes getting an erection difficult or painful. Also, some medications used to treat the cancers can cause ED. Testicular cancer in particular can lead to infertility if one or both testicles requires removal.

5) Peyronie’s Disease – Men who experience high amounts of repeated penile trauma will have scar tissue in the penis. If that scar tissue builds up too much, it will cause a painful bend in the penis. If the bend is 15 percent or greater, the man might have Peyronie’s. This can render a man unable to have an erection or it just may be too painful to have one and/or enjoy intercourse.

6) Low Testosterone – As men age, their testosterone levels dip, which can cause them to experience reduced libido in addition to reduced sperm count. A test can easily show if testosterone is low.

How Psychological Health Influences Sexual Health(SH)

Some men might not realize just how much psychological or mental health can impact SH. Things like stress, anxiety, and depression can all greatly impact how a man functions sexually, but it’s important to note that every man is different.

Depression can affect a man’s libido. He may not want sex because he’s depressed. He may feel bad about himself, how he looks, or how he thinks he performs sexually. Some medications used to treat depression can also cause a man to lose his erection because they modify hormone levels. Obesity has also been linked to depression due to delicate self-esteem and self-confidence issues. Thankfully, there are many medication options, so a man doesn’t have to choose between happiness and sex.

Anxiety, be it general or specific, can also compromise a man’s SH. He may have performance anxiety, which results in an inability to get an erection, or he may prematurely ejaculate. Often, talk therapy and medication can be helpful. Stress also has similar effects on a man’s SH, which can include a lower libido but can also influence a higher libido when sex is used as the only outlet for stress release. Interpersonal relations also greatly impact mental health, which, in turn, impacts SH.

How to Improve Sexual Health

In addition to regular checkups, a healthy diet, and exercise, men should employ a number of other strategies to ensure a clean bill of sexual health. Be sure to stay aware of any new physical bumps, lumps, or pains. Always have in-depth pre-sex talks with new and existing partners. Create and maintain healthy social relationships to create a support circle of fun, caring, and informed friends.

Preserving Good Penis Health With a New Partner

Men love their intimate equipment, and they especially love using it – and who could blame them? A man might get lucky with a new partner on a regular basis, and as long as it’s all consensual and nobody is getting hurt, there’s no reason not to indulge. But as a man plays the field, he must remember that good penis care is more important than ever. He must take special care to protect his penis health when he is with a new partner – otherwise, he could wind up with penis rash, irritation, and lots of other uncomfortable situations.

How to protect penis health with a new partner

Want to make sure penis health stays top notch? Then a man should always take a moment to consider the practical needs of a roll in the hay. Here are a few reminders.

1. Slow down. The initial rush of excitement with a new partner can lead a man to forget about even the most basic rules of a good sex session – and that includes lubricant. As nerves run high, the body might not produce the typical lubrication, which might leave both a man and his partner in dire straits. The best way to avoid this is to slow down as much as possible, extending the session with plenty of foreplay. Only proceed when both partners are ready and raring to go – and their bodies are, too.

2. Use protection. This might be the most important point of any new sexual encounter. Barrier protection can prevent either partner from spreading most sexually transmitted diseases – and as every savvy man knows, these diseases can be serious problems that take a long time to eradicate, if they can be cured at all. By using protection, a man shows respect for his partner as well as an appreciation for his own penis health.

3. Take care with lubes. The well-equipped man might have sample size lubes on hand in the event they become necessary. But he will also be using a condom, so it pays to ensure that he has the right kind of lube to get the job done safely. Look for a lube that is compatible with latex condoms (or whatever other type of condom a man might want to use), then use it generously to ensure nobody walks away with irritation down below.

4. Approach the encounter carefully. A man doesn’t want to drink himself into oblivion and then wake up with an obviously sore, well-used penis, but no memory of how it got that way. Though a little liquid libation might be a great way to get the evening started, a man wants to have a good memory of what happened! He should always take care, then, to balance his intake so that he feels great, but doesn’t feel so great that he blacks out on the details.

5. Clean up thoroughly. One of the best ways to end the initial encounter with a new partner is a nice, hot shower together. A man should jump under the water to clean off his penis and the surrounding area. After all, a good romp will lead to a layer of lube, intimate discharges, sweat and even lotion and perfumes all over the area. Since these things can quickly lead to a penis rash or other irritation, a man would be smart to wash it all away before he goes in for round two.

A man wants to make sure his penis health is considered before, during and after an encounter. That’s why he should make a point of using a specially formulated penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin). In addition to vitamin A to fight odor and vitamin C to help a man keep some pep in his penis, a man should look for a crème that contains L-carnitine, which fights peripheral nerve damage that might result from rough handling. He is also advised to use a crème that contains Shea butter and vitamin E, the dynamic duo that will keep penis skin from drying out amidst all that action.

A Man Is Not A Financial Plan Nor An Emotional

A Man is not a Financial plan! Learn to develop, build, create your own wealth. Growing up as a child I saw my father being a coward, drunk and squandering the family money. Causing my mother to “run away to foreign” to find work that paid American dollars so she could take care of her girls and that “worthless” piece of trash called a husband. Yes, for knowledge sake he is my biological father, but I have no respect for a man who leaves his financial responsibilities on a woman. My mother struggled for years providing for her girls and that man. Then one day he upped and divorced her and left her with nothing. We had two family houses, she lost both of them all because she was not able to fend on her own and she depended on a man for her financial plan.

As a child I made a promise to myself to not be like my mother. I grew up tough and I’ve been making my own money since I was 8yrs old. Yes, 8yrs old. I ran a business at 15yrs old with employees and everything, I put myself through University working 3-jobs, then I got my own apartment paying my own Rent. Sent myself to various countries around the World all on my dime. The ONLY thing a man has ever paid for me was dinner when we go on a date. NOTHING in my house, closet or overall life is or was paid for by a man. There have been men who couldn’t stand my financial independence. They were shown the door. (Don’t let the door hit you where the Good Lord split ya.)

On top of Financial Independence, women you need to be Emotionally Independent. Because if you are emotionally dependent, a man can spin you everyway till Sunday and then walk away leaving you an emotional mess and then you end up messing up your own Financial Independence. Now you find yourself drowning in debt because you had depended on a man emotionally. It will be hell digging yourself out of that black hole. My Grandaunt always told me never let a man drive you crazy because he can than manipulate you emotionally and then leave you and your life in ruins. Now that I’m an Adult I fully understand what she meant. I wish she had explained it more, but I guess there are some things that you need to experience for yourself in order to get and learn the lessons. There are some men that are so cruel. They cannot stand to see your independence, whether financially or emotionally, so they need to break you down. They bide their time waiting for the Grand moment.

They will wait until you are vulnerable, you are in deep emotional pain and then they swoop in for the kill. They use your situation to pretend that they are interested in you for a relationship, they want something deeper with you. They know that because of what you are going through you want the comfort and support and you won’t have the strength to push them away or to walk away from them. They are sick and twisted! All because you refused to depend on them and chase them when you were stronger.

There are a lot of men who can’t believe there are women who are not desperate for a man and a relationship. They grew up with faulty programming just like some women. And they also know that if you were not in a vulnerable position you would have had no need for them in your life and they would not have gotten the time of day from you. Good lord, they can’t stand the rejection. Their poor ego’s. And if they are seeing that they can’t get to you, then they manipulate women to come after you because he knows that “those” women will be ready for a fight if they were to believe that a woman is trying to steal him. Then when he sees that he has broken you down and have left you an emotional mess, he then walks away. His Job is done!! Yes, there are men that evil!!

That is just one example of why it is important to have Emotional Independence. Now of course if you have suffered a painful loss of a loved you won’t have the strength to do anything and you wouldn’t be expecting someone, especially a man to take advantage of the situation. The pain can be excruciating and it may take awhile, but you will heal and there will come a time when there is no more pain. You can kick that person to the ends of the earth and don’t look back. Now you are going to be amazed at how your life will open up and you begin to soar. You are now FREE!!

Women, you can create your own Financial Plan, but it is nothing if you are not emotionally independent. Because all your financial plan will be for nought if a man twists you up emotionally.

Bike Riding Can Damage Penis Health

You may have heard rumors about the potentially damaging effects bike riding can have on the penis and penis health. Well, it’s more than just rumors. According to recent research conducted by the Center for Disease Control the shape of most bicycle seats can put additional pressure on the male perineum and this can restrict penis blood flow which ultimately results in numbness and Erectile Dysfunction. The perineum, in men, is a diamond shaped region between the anus and the base of the penis. The perineum is an erogenous zone in both men and women, but for men, it serves as the hub for penis blood flow and penis nerve endings.

Bike Riders Complain of Erectile Dysfunction

According to recent studies by Richard Weil, MEd, CDE for”a study of perineal compression and blood flow to the penis in male cyclists showed that penile blood supply decreased significantly in 70% of the 40 cyclists who participated in the study. Numbness in the genital area was reported by 61% of the cyclists, and 19% of the cyclists who rode their bikes more than 250 miles per week complained of erectile dysfunction.”

Is a Recumbent Bicycle the Way to Go?

In a similar article, published at, writers noted that “This pressure can harm nerves and temporarily impede blood flow, causing tingling or numbness in the penis and, eventually, erectile dysfunction. However, one study showed that while a conventional bicycle caused a dramatic (though temporary) drop in oxygen supply to the penis, a recumbent bicycle did not.” This reinforces the necessity of caring for the blood flow and health of your penis by increasing your awareness of the potential sexual health hazards of riding a bicycle.

Steps to Prevent Penis Injury

There are potential solutions and preventative measures that can be taken. Adjusting the handlebars and seat height can help improve posture, which will reduce the amount of pressure put on the perineum. Padded seats, alternative seat shapes can also help prevent loss of penile sensation and damage to the perineum. You may also want to consider wearing padded shorts and limiting the overall amount of time that you spend riding. Taking frequent breaks is one way to ensure that blood is flowing easily through the veins in and around the penis.

Penis Specific Vitamins and Minerals to Protect Penis Health

Penis health can also be promoted by using penis specific health cremes which are essential vitamins and minerals to specifically help increase blood flow to the penis and provide overall penis health. One example is L-Arginine, an enzyme that increases blood flow to the perineum and penis and also benefits blood vessels and capillaries. Vitamins A and B are known to help increase blood flow, and, in some cases vitamin E can be used to help treat penis skin issues. Use a penis specific creme (Man1 Man Oil is often recommended) so penis specific vitamins and minerals are applied directly to penis and perineum to achieve maximum benefit.

Good Reasons to Give Your Man More Space With an Emotional

This might seem contradictory to what many women think is a good idea, but the fact of the matter is that “familiarity breeds contempt”. In short, too much of you, can mean too little of him permanently. So the key is to be there, without being the only thing there.

An emotional man cave, can be a few hours, a few days or even weeks. It’s time that you let, and even encourage your man to spend by himself. Enjoying the things he enjoys, be it reading, surfing, Baseball or video games, without criticism. This last part is key. In this hectic world, not only do we sometimes need physical space, but we need mental space as well. Time that we can spend in solitude with our thoughts and enjoying life’s little pleasures, without constant interruption.

5. Men can be solitary creatures. While not true of all women, we can often be more gregarious and social than men. Trying to force your significant other to hang out with people as much as you do, will only put them on the defensive, once someone is on the defensive they don’t want to be around you.

4. Having a mental break from people is good for both men and women. By allowing your boyfriend or husband to have an emotional man cave, you also helping yourself. Just remember not to fill it up with other outside “chatter”. Quiet and solitude can be key to emotional growth and mental health.

3. As the saying goes, “Absence makes the heart grow fonder”. This is very true, especially within interpersonal relationships. Don’t think of his need to get away from you as him saying that he doesn’t want to be around you. Think of it as him saying that, he wants to yearn for you.

2. You can help him become less needy. Some men are the types that can do just about anything in the world but don’t let him face choosing which shirt he should wear on his own. By giving him some mental space you encourage him to make basic decisions without you.

1. He’ll simply adore the fact that you encourage him to take some time to himself. Which will only help his love and appreciation for you to grow. After all, if the shoe we’re on the other foot, wouldn’t you feel the same?

Eating the Right Foods to Be a Healthy Man

Most men enjoy eating but unfortunately, it can end up causing a lot of different problems for them if they are eating the wrong things. That is why it is necessary for you to make sure that you are eating properly on a regular basis, even if you do step outside of the boundaries from time to time. The simple fact of the matter is, it is not that difficult to eat the right things if you understand the basic principles behind a healthy diet. The most important thing for you to do, however, is to clear your mind of any knowledge that you have ahead of time so that it doesn’t cloud the truth whenever you hear it.

First of all, if you are trying to lose weight and get into shape, the last thing that you want to do is to buy diet food. The simple fact of the matter is, there are chemicals that are in these diet foods that are extremely addictive and that do very little to help you to lose weight. As a matter of fact, there is some speculation that many of these diet products do not help you to lose weight at all and all they are doing is keeping you fat in order to stuff their pockets full of your money. If you really want to change your health because of your diet, here is one way that you can do it.

The first thing that you need to do is to make sure that you are eating plenty of fruits and vegetables on a daily basis. You don’t need to become a vegetarian in order to be healthy but you should make sure that you are having at lease one green, leafy salad every day and that you snack on one or two pieces of fruit in between meals. If you have a difficult time eating a salad, try putting a piece of chicken breast on top of it in order to make it more palatable. It will add protein to your meal that will also help you to be healthy.

It is also important for you to understand that you should not be cutting carbohydrates or fats out of your diet in an attempt to lose weight. Although you may lose some pounds because of your efforts, once you stop, those pounds are simply going to come right back. Your body needs carbohydrates and fats in order to run properly and to stay full in between meals. The real key is eating healthy fats and carbohydrates and not snacking on simple sugars, such as candy bars or white bread.

If you eat properly, you are going to be giving your body what it needs in order to be healthy. There are plenty of things that can go wrong with a man but a healthy diet is one way that you can ward off many of them. Make sure that you are knowledgeable about the subject and you would be surprised with how your health will benefit.

Tips For Choosing Man Skin Care Products

Nowadays, men are increasingly taking care of their skin. We have come to realize this is not just about looking good, it’s primarily about health. But realizing this, is just the first step, then the second step becomes a little bit harder. It’s then, when ask the question: What man skin care products should I use?

First you should start getting to know your skin. Man skin care products are special depending on the type of skin you have. Look at shaving creams and face cleaning soaps for example, they have certain types: for sensitive skin, for dry skin, oily skin. Determine which skin type you have, and work from there.

Other thing you need to keep in mind is your main goal with a product. Man skin care products exist for a variety of applications, from anti-aging creams to pore cleaning products. But remember also that you should take care of all your skin as well. A younger face means not only less wrinkles but an overall healthy look.

I would also recommend to always prefer natural man skin care products. The reason? Just as the name says, it’s natural. You’ll be amazed of the quality of natural products for the skin available for men since ancient ages. Some man skin care products have us so blinded by claims of miracle chemical ingredients, that we often forget the simplicity of natural skin care.

The man skin care product market is just beginning, now that more and more men want these kind of products you’ll see new offers pop up. Don’t get caught on nice packaging and miracle claims, always stick to the facts because is your health what we are talking about here. Finally, remember great man skin care products make you feel great. Listen to your body and you can’t go wrong.

Health For Men

You probably don’t even know it. How is your sex drive? Any spark left?

OK we all know that we as men don’t talk or complain since it is not the manly thing to do. We were taught by our fathers not to give even the slightest indication to show any weakness. Well that is all find and dandy. But however, we must learn to go to a doctor if we have to and let somebody know what’s going on. We must better learn to take care of ourselves as men. Especially when it comes to our sexual health. We usually wait until we get into our mid forties or older and then all of a sudden we wake up and then see the red flag. We then also realize that we don’t have the erection we used to have.

Since we as men are living longer, we must recognize and know that mid-life hormone changes usually occur without notice around the age of forty. At this point, our testosterone slowly declines. There is also an decrease in sexual desire for some. And yes just like women their are changes in our moods and emotions. There is also a decrease in body mass and an increase in body fat.

Low levels of testosterone can largely be rectified. So don’t automatically assume since you are getting older your sex drive has to slightly diminish. There is help. There are herbal supplements available that can treat you for low levels of testosterone. Do not accept the loss of having less sex. You can have the same sex drive you had when you were in your youth. Remember that? Much more info is available at my link on men sexual health. I am finally on the right track. My sex life has improved tremendously. Ask my wife. And your sex life can greatly improve as well. Come on lets get that spark back…