Golden Keys to Unlock a Man’s Heart!

Here are 2 GOLDEN KEYS as how to unlock a man’s heart

[1] feed your man well at the dining table

[2] satisfy your man’s sexual needs at bed

Feeding your man well at the dining table means…..

Feed your man with ‘good and proper’ food to attain 4 levels of health. To get a man to be at home to eat is not a difficult task. If we woman have something that our husbands admire and desire, there is no difficulty in unlocking his heart. Once you have entered and have a steadfast place in his heart, you will be the happiest woman in the world. Not the outer beauty that attracts a man, it is the inner beauty that matters more, a personality that your man cannot resist.

A hungry man is an angry man. We should take great care as to how to get our men well fed. As wives we should make sure that we know those appropriate and healthy foods to feed him. We need to be wise in the choice of foods. It is of great importance that we should not let him be overweight or obese. Healthy, nutritious foods will be good enough with occasionally tonics to boost his overall health. It is not about feeding him blindly.

A healthy husband will be strong and not sickly. He trusts the wife to know all those nutritious foods. Be aware of rubbish foods, preserved foods, processed foods and cancer-causing foods too. If you want your husband to live a healthier life to accompany you to a ripe age, it is vital that we spare time to learn about healthy cooking. His health is our concern too. And at the same time, our whole family will be well taken for.

Our food shouldn’t be too oily, too sweet, too sour nor with too much artificial flavors. Learn the basics of good nutrition. Cut down on read meats, less frying and barbecuing and more on steaming and light stir-fry. Learn to master cooking nutritious, delicious and good food. Your man will be just thrilled and proud of you at home or just anywhere. Your name will always be at his lips. You have done something that he as a husband will be proud of. Master the art of purposeful persuasion too.

Knowing the needs of her man, women must live up to her man’s trust and confidence in her. Whatsoever fortune he makes outside, he will be sharing to his wife and family at home at the first place. He strives hard for the family too. He fights for his family too. So, as a wife in the family, she should know how to make him a real man too.

Satisfying his sexual needs in bed

Sexuality is rarely discussed among women as a therapy for mental and emotional health though IT IS one of the most beneficial requisite to having a healthy and happy marriage. The physical part of sexuality can be extremely therapeutic especially towards a person’s confidence as to being feeling good and healthy. A vibrant sex life is a must to cement a good marriage. It is also a sure great exercise for our body, emotion, mind and heart. The details of physical love can be left to the sex experts, but I guess most people have researched and known the wonders of a good exercise in bed.

It goes back to our sense of touch. When we were young, we cry to be held close to our parents. We feel comforted and loved and well cared for when held close. The primal desire to be held and cared for becomes a vital force in our development as healthy adults. Touch is vital to our existence. Our muscles relax when we are touched appropriately. Our skin itself is a super conductor of nerve endings all over our body that detects warmth, pressure, vibration and tingling of our skin when fondled. It does have a vibrant positive effect, a stimulating and relaxing great treat before the actual thing.

By proper caressing and fondling, a person’s anxiety and stress will be soothed as well as our body and mind at ease. Most emotional problems arise due to neglect and most partners are love-starved. What will be more important than to learn how to touch and caress each other relevantly? I am not a sex specialist, but I know that a healthy sex life goes a long way in maintaining a good marriage. But perhaps all of us should and know that sex should be confined at our love nest at home, not to be shared to the public.

The game of ‘paying and rewarding’ plays a great deal in our sex life too. Some flirting, some enchanting or exotic promises can enhance and attract the men to be loyal and loving you even till the age of 60. Make your man feel attracted to you even when you are at the age of 60. He won’t feel left out. Be the desirable, lovable, creative, sensible, attractive and sexy wife that you man cannot resist, even until 60 years old or more. Go the extra mile to achieve it, it really pays to boost our sexual health..

When one is at one’s best sexuality and sensuality, it will create not destroy. It assures one’s relationship and provides a sense of security and belonging. Master the skill of giving and receiving in the art of physical love, it matters more than it seems to be. It is a sure magnet towards a healthier and happier marriage. Perhaps it is more advisible that such good things should be strictly within the marriage itself.

Both spouses will be robust, vibrant and healthy and thus it pays to be a good wife who knows how to feed him at the dining table and an expert in bed too. Not to be shy since no one will know except you and your hubby. These are the 2 valuable, precious golden keys towards achieving a healthier and happier marriage.