Health – Man’s Limitless Powers to Destroy

Health is to the body as soothing peace is to the mind. So long as you are healthy, your mind is at peace and you can take on newer and newer challenges in life. The moment you let go the control, you are inviting trouble for yourself. No human being has ever succeeded in neglecting the health issue permanently without serious repercussions.

To stay healthy and fit, you need to keep a close vigil on your food intake. A close watch is needed on the food that is eaten every day. Eating lots of natural food like green vegetables and fish, by simply boiling them in clear water is good enough for the body. The much-needed supplements that the body needs from time to time are provided effectively by nature itself. There is no need for falling back on artificial vitamin supplements – popping a pill at will has always been looked down upon.

Not only food, the body also needs a good amount of rest and exercise throughout the day. If either of these two does not come in the correct proportion, the body again triggers off signals that all is not well with it. Immediate corrective steps are vital and if not taken on time, would result in serious repercussions. Tons of money would then need to be spent on bringing the body back on track and there could be some permanent amount of damage as well while doing so.

As it is, the ever-increasing concern for pollution and the degradation of the environment has had a massive toll on the human body. Health has been failing at the smallest of instances and immediate fall back on medicines becomes necessary to cure the ailment that the body suffers from. With smoke and poisonous gases, doing the rounds in all major metros and cities in the world, the life and health of the human population is under threat. That is why regular check up at the doctor and workouts at the gym are absolutely necessary to keep oneself fit and in working condition.

Dossiers of research have been done on this subject and there have been major breakthroughs in locating the ‘why’ behind a disease. However, the most worrying part of it all is the fact that as one disease is taken by the horn and brought under control, there is already another looming over the horizon threatening the human population of dire consequences.