Men’s Health

Plastic surgeons report that the number of male face lift operations has fallen below the number of male breast reduction surgeries on a yearly basis. Man boobs are serious business.

Liposuction to remove fat from the male breast is certainly part of the statistic of ‘male breast reduction surgeries’. However, man boob surgery which involves the mammary glands and the disease Gynecomastia is much more serious. The symptoms of Gynecomastia include not only female-like breasts but also enlarged puffy nipples and developing mammary glands. For this type of man boob, overweight is not a necessary condition. These man boobs exist because the male body has a hormone imbalance. There is too much Estrogen and too little Testosterone.

To get rid of these man boobs you must solve the hormone imbalance. To solve the hormone imbalance you must either decrease the estrogen level or increase the testosterone level. First, let’s review ways to increase your natural testosterone production.


– Focus your workouts on basic exercises during which your muscles will experience the greatest stress and load – lifts like squats, military press, bench press and deadlifts – exercises like chinups and rowing. This load on your muscles will stimulate increased testosterone production.

– Train at 100% effort. Testosterone production varies directly with the level of muscular stress during workouts.

– Work on all your major muscles. Focus on your legs as well as your upper body.


– Be certain to include the essential fatty acids in your diet – fish, avocadoes, peanuts and healthy oils like canola oil.

– Minimize alcohol consumption.


– Minimize pharmaceutical products. Many depress testosterone production.

– Lower stress levels. Increased stress causes the release of ‘cortisol’. This catabolic hormone depresses testosterone production.

– Increase sexual activity. This increases the production of oxytocin which increases the production of endorphin which raises the testosterone level.

– Get adequate sleep. Insufficient sleep results in cortisol production which depresses testosterone levels.

These items affect the estrogen level. Remember lowering estrogen is just as effective as increasing testosterone. It is all about the balance.


– Soy protein raises estrogen production. We want estrogen reduction, so minimize soy consumption.

– Consumption of cruciferous vegetables reduces estrogen production – eat cabbage, brussel sprouts, broccoli and cauliflower.


-Minimize pharmaceutical products. Many stimulate estrogen production.

Man boobs are embarrassing. Hormone imbalance is often experienced by teenage boys and men over 60. Men taking anabolic steroids may also experience low testosterone levels and man boob symptoms. Address all three aspects – exercise, diet and social – to experience the best results. Lose your man boobs now.