Natural Cures For Erectile Dysfunction

Many men who have impotence, use man made drugs but not only can they be dangerous, they do nothing to increase libido and most men who take them, need manual stimulation to get hard; this means these men do not get a complete sexual experience. The good news is there are herbs which can give you a hard erection and can increase libido which gives the complete sexual experience.

Let’s take a look at our natural cures for erectile dysfunction and how they work to help you enjoy better sexual health. Another point we need to make is – because the herbs are natural there are no dangerous side effects when taking them and they actually increase overall wellness as well as benefiting sexual health.

Man made drugs get more blood into the penis and make it hard and they do this by, increasing nitric oxide secretion which allows the blood vessels that lead into the penis, to take more blood in and harden it. At the same time, drugs such as Viagra, prevent PDE5 which is seen as a major reason for impotence and erectile dysfunction. Two herbs which will do the same as these synthetic drugs are, Cnidium and Horny Goat Weed, these herbs will get the blood into the penis for a thick and hard erection and do it naturally.

We have just seen that herbs can get more blood into the penis but they can also increase libido as well; to have a high sex drive, you need lots of the male sex hormone testosterone and you can get more, from the herbs Tribulus and Tongkat Ali. Both these herbs will increase testosterone and also contain nutrients, to increase energy which leads to an increase in libido.

Stress and anxiety are known passion killers, as they leave you unable to think about sex and at the same time, this depletes body energy and when body energy is low, so to is libido. To fight stress and anxiety, you can take Ginseng and Schizandra Berries, both of which are great herbs, to increase energy levels and libido.

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There are other herbs you can take but the above, are a combination of natural cures for erectile dysfunction which you will find in all the best herbal sex pills, to give you better health, harder erections and more libido, safely and naturally.